Aug 24, 2009

Pai Kuat Wong(King Spareribs)

Pai Kuat Wong(King Spareribs)


Half kilo of pork rib ( cut into smaller pieces )

2 cloves of garlic-chopped finely

Corn starch for dusting of marinated meat


Add soy sauce( about 1.5 Tablespoon) or salt to meat. Sprinkler corn starch over the meat ( about 1.5 tablespoon) and add a small egg (beaten). Marinade and keep for 40 minutes.


Add 2 TBS of tomato sauce, 1 TBS of plum sauce, half TBS of Worcestershire sauce , 3 TBS of sugar and water ( half cup) and mix well. ( Do not add too much water initially, but to do so later if sauce appears too thick. )


In hot oil, cook marinated pork rib dusted with corn starch, until brown. Drain and set aside.

In hot oil ( 1tbs) add garlic, fry till slightly brown. Add sauce and stir till cooked and slightly thick. Add pork to sauce and mix well.

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